Linda + Jamie

{Idylwyld Inn Wedding Photography}

Linda & Jamie had a lovely intimate wedding with their closest friends and family at the beautiful Idylwyld Inn. They both braved the cold to get some awesome shots outside!  The dinner room was set up so beautifully and had many personal touches made by the couple themselves and their loved ones! Linda, being the creative person she is made her own wedding cake and also with the help of her mother & grandmother made her bouquet! 


Describe the vision/theme you had for your wedding in 5 words or less: Cozy, intimate, relaxed, romantic, vintage

What are you favorite memories of your wedding day?
Bride: The ceremony itself was very memorable to me. We hand picked all of the content to be very meaningful to us, so it was an extremely sentimental ceremony for me. I loved having time to talk with all of our friends and family, and I had an absolutely amazing time sharing stories and a ton of laughs with our guests!

Groom: Obviously it was seeing my beautiful bride as she entered into the room for the first time, and having our closest family and friends present to witness the event,  but I was also very fond of the venue.  It was a very cozy, intimate, and classy Victorian Inn.  The food was great and our guests absolutely loved every bit of it.  Having everyone stay overnight at the Inn, followed up by a private brunch on the Sunday morning was a nice segue to ending the weekend.  

Best wedding related decision:
Bride: Picking each other!! Also keeping it small and within budget, and doing things ourselves to give it a personal feel.
Groom: Everything that was handmade added a very personal warmth:  the wine, wedding cake, invites, programs, wedding songs, table runner, flowers/decorations, and of course the wedding dress and groom’s suit were also custom tailored.

Favourite detail:
Bride: The personal touches to the wedding. Every detail from the invites, to the music, favors and decor, to the attire was somehow created or enhanced with the amazing help of our family and friends.
Groom: Each personal touch somehow held a sentimental value or relevance that reflected the bride and grooms passions towards life and love for the guests.

Advice for future brides & grooms:
Bride: Keep the day about you and your spouse-to-be.  There is so much pressure these days to have over-the-top, showy weddings, but so often you hear people say that it just went by in a daze, and they barely had time to enjoy the day, or that they or their families will be paying off debt for ages. Don’t let the day take over the true meaning of the day. It is just one day in the rest of your lives together!!!
Groom: Most couples nowadays seem to try and outdo the wedding before them.  This could very well be the worst fallacy for brides and grooms.  We recognized this, and for us, it was not difficult to ‘unplug’ from this mindset and go in a direction where our hearts and imaginations led us.

Would you change anything if you could do it all over again?
Bride: Nothing! We had the most fabulous day! It was perfection!
Groom: (Other than extend the hours for the open bar haha)

Best surprise of the day:
Bride: The most beautiful surprise was flowers from my husband while getting ready, along with a hand written, heartfelt note. The funniest surprise was walking into someone’s room later in the evening who I thought was from our wedding party, but turned out to be a large group of people having a retirement party!
Groom: If I don’t say that the best surprise was checking out my bride as I first laid eyes on her, I think I’ll get in trouble wink

Anything else you’d like to add: I feel like we need to give a special shout out to everyone that helped make the day so meaningful! It was so special to walk down the aisle knowing that together with my husband, family, and friends, we personalized every little detail of the day. The vendors we worked with were also fantastic, and the day went incredibly smoothly due to their hard work.  We are so grateful to everyone involved in making the day so memorable for us, and of course, for the love and support of our friends and family with whom this day would not have been possible.

VENDORS: Ceremony Location: Idlewyld Inn | Reception Location: Idlewyld Inn (and our brunch the next morning too!)
Officiant: Jeff Hicks, Kettle Creek Weddings | Cake: Bride | Dress: Mori Lee Bridesmaid 696 Ivory/Champagne – Garber’s Bridal, plus sash/trim from bride’s mom and bride | Wedding Planner: Bride & Groom | Flowers/Decorator: Bride’s Mother, Bride’s Stepmother, Bride | Hair/Makeup: Hair/Makeup – AlyCat Makeup & Hair Artistry; Lashes – Masquerade Salon; Nails – Hot Nails Huron/Highbury | DJ; Groom mixed/compiled music, Groom’s brother played the music | Other – Groom’s suit: David E. White | Other – Videography: Groom’s brother

WEDDING SONGS: Processional: 2 Cellos – Book of Love (instrumental version mixed by groom) | Recessional: Piano Guys – Let it Go


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