Kathryn & Hamish

London, Ontario Wedding

We had a fantastic time capturing Kathryn & Hamish’s wedding day! They booked with us just a couple of months before their big day so I didn’t really have a chance to get to know them beforehand. In fact, the wedding day was the first time I met Hamish! We started at the spa with Kathryn’s bridesmaids (which included her two sisters) and hit it off right away. Kathryn’s poor dad was definitely outnumbered as everyone got ready! I especially love weddings where the bride & groom live out of town and come home to get married – the “homecoming” aspect of it all makes everything seem even more special!

Kathryn stressed to me during our consultation that she wanted a more traditional, classic feel to her photos and I was happy to oblige. “Traditional” doesn’t have to mean “boring” and I think we captured her day perfectly!  As a photographer, I think it’s crucial that you are able and willing to adapt your style to suit the style of the couple (within reason of course!) The couple should never have to sacrifice their style & vision of their wedding day to suit the photographer!

Congrats Kathryn & Hamish!

– Heather

Some of Kathryn & Hamish’s unique reception details included an antique sword passed down through many generations and a personal letter from the Prime Minister congratulating them on their marriage!


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