Jen & Behzad

{Distillery District Toronto Wedding Photography}

bride and gram cuddling outside in toronto ontario

Jen and Behzad had a beautiful evening wedding in the Distillery District at two great gallery spaces. I was so happy that we were able to take advantage of the great outdoor location as well as some more dramatic indoor nooks and crannies. There was no denying the love between these two and we were glad to be a part of this amazing day.

– Lindsay

orange and cream bridal details

heart shaped engagement ring

bridesmaids laughing while bride is getting make up done

maid of honour zipping up brides dress in toronto condo

bride putting on jewelry by window

bride and bridesmaids smiling inside

The couple's  “first look”!

groom seeing bride for the first time in the distillery district in toronto

bride and groom in front of brick wall

bride cudding into groom in toronto ontario

bride looking away with orange bouquet

bride and groom looking back walking away on a stone path

groomsmen skipping through the distillery district in toronto

groom and groomsmen laughing in front of brick wall

girls sitting and chatting in a coffe shop in toronto

bride and bridesmaids smiling in front of a christmas tree

girls with toronto ontario police officers

wedding bands on brick

moody black and white of bride and groom kissing

sun flare bride anf groom kiss in the distillery district

groom kissing bride on cheek smiling

black and white bridal party cheers

wedding party bridge chatting in toronto

bride and groom relaxing on couch cuddling

bride and groom kissing romanticly on a black couch

bride and groom kissing bridal party cheers

father of the bride walking bride down the aisle at ceremony

bride looking at groom at ceremony in toronto

bride placing ring on grooms finger at ceremony

bride and groom walking out of the cerermony site

cream wedding details

mother in law and bride sharing a moment

wedding reception details

bride and groom first dance laughing

bride and groom kiss at reception in toronto ontario

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