HRM Baby Updates

Everyone has been asking for more preggie pictures, so here we are at 26 & 36 weeks pregnant (excuse the snapshot quality!) Last year after our “staff party” (which consisted of just Lindsay, me, a Feist concert, too much gin, lots of dancing and snow angels on the side of the road at 3am) Lindsay made us matching HRM shirts to wear this year… they don’t quite fit like they did when she bought them and we both weren’t feeling up to any kind of party but had to put them on for a photo nonetheless!

Some HRM updates… 84 weddings down, 1 to go!! We’re almost done our 2008 season, remaining holiday orders will be completed by the end of the week (*** we can still take last minute reprint/enlargement orders until WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 17th) and then we are looking forward to some much needed rest & relaxation before our babies arrive! Lindsay only has 16 days to go but Heather has another 3 months (and a wedding show (Jan 18th @ the Four Points Sheraton in London), boudoir marathon (Jan 17th – spots still left) & two weddings to shoot) before her little one arrives.

There are still some Saturdays available in 2009 for weddings and we have started to take bookings for 2010. You can check our availability page to see if your date is available. We are offering complimentary engagement sessions for any new April, May & June 2009 bookings.

We also have two more BIG annoucements to make before the end of the year (hopefully three if Lindsay’s baby arrives on time!) so stay tuned for those!

– Heather


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