Dee & John

Carlu Wedding

Another wedding I was very excited to photograph… Dee and I first met attending Ryerson for photography together. After we graduated, Dee went on to do her masters in Photographic Preservation and got a job at the Ontario Archives, which is where she met John. Dee and I reconnected last year when I photographed her sister’s wedding! As both the bride and groom are both history buffs, The Carlu was the obvious choice for their wedding reception. With it’s historical significance and Art Deco fixings it was the perfect setting for their vintage inspired day! It was also very important for them that I photograph their wedding using film…. at first I was a bit nervous because I haven’t shot film since last fall, but it’s like riding a bike – you never forget! Congrats Dee & John and thank you for letting me be a part of your day!

– Heather

Before she left for the ceremony, Dee “skyped” a few relatives overseas

We stopped by her grandparent’s retirement home to pay them a visit… yes, I cried

With digital, I can check images on the fly… with film, you have to wait until you get it back…. I pretty much jumped up and down when I saw these next couple… LOVE THEM – I think they look like old movie stills!

The Carlu is a fairly dark location, so I used high speed film for the next few images using available light


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