Darlene & Andrew

The Manor Wedding

I am beginning to notice a bit of a theme as we are doing all of these blog posts…Darlene and Andrew are yet another couple that I had only been corresponding with over phone and email leading up to the wedding. We tried to arrange a meeting a couple of times as they were passing through Toronto, but I ended up having to wait until the wedding day to meet this amazing couple!

First of all, Darlene and Andrew are both Pilots! This explains why it was so hard to catch them in one place long enough to meet them!

On the day of the wedding, we arrived at The Manor to take photos of the girls before the ceremony and I was greeted by a very calm and collected Darlene. This really carried through to the wedding party and all of their family and friends. It was a pleasure to work with them!

I love the portraits with Darlene’s parasol! The lighting was just right to catch their silhouettes.

– Lindsay


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