Danitza & Helder

Toronto Ontario Wedding

I met with Danitza to talk about her wedding photography the very day that I went into labour with Connor. Who knew that hours after our meeting I would be in the hospital with a brand new baby?!

Danitza and Helder were referred to us by on of my favourite couples Deanne & Rui whose wedding I photographed last March. I knew that there would be familiar faces in the wedding party and that we were in for a fun day. Something wild seems to happen when you put a groom together with all of his closest buddies, dress them up and give them celebratory drinks!

The weather was reminiscent of Deanne’s March wedding and I am so happy that everyone was up for some fun in the rain during the photo session. I was especially proud of the D+H that the groomsmen spelled out for a special photo with the Bride and Groom!

– Lindsay

I love when the venue uses a great spotlight for the reception!


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