Carolyn & Owen

{Enoch Turner School House Toronto Ontario Wedding Photography}

Lindsay joined me to shoot Carolyn & Owen’s wedding at Enoch Turner School House in Toronto. This was a special wedding for me as my friend Amanda (who is one of my cousin’s best friends and is dating my very good friend Ian) was Carolyn’s maid of honour! Carolyn lived in Montreal throughout most of her planning so I didn’t know her very well before the wedding but Owen lives in Toronto so I knew him through socializing with Ian, Amanda and my cousin. It’s always an extra honour to be able to capture the day of friends and aquaintances!

Carolyn is Jewish and they incorporated many Jewish traditions into their ceremony – it was one of the most moving ceremonies I’ve seen. The Canot was also a trained opera singer… I’m not sure of the proper term, but parts of Jewish ceremonies are sung (chanted?) – her voice gave me goosebumps!!

Their reception was one of the most rockin’ parties I’ve been to (I ended up staying unil close to the end!) not only in part to a great bunch of guests but also to their DJ, Louis Calabro… he’ll be the DJ for Andrew, my blog programmer’s wedding and Shannon, my Toronto assistant’s wedding this year as well. If you’re looking for a DJ that a little out of the box, email me for his contact details!

– Heather

There was a beautiful wedding portrait of Carolyn’s Grandparents hanging in the hall of her parent’s place – I was so happy that I managed to include it in a candid shot

In the Jewish tradition the bride is veiled before the ceremony

Their ceremony was one of the most beautiful and intimate ceremonies I’ve attended. There was a beam of light that shone down on just the couple throughout that was simply magical!

Ian and Katie as bandits during the reception!

This was one fun bunch!!


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