Amy & Jay

{Toronto Ontario Wedding Photography}

I met Amy and Jay through very good friends of mine (The bride’s brother Ian and his girlfriend Emily). We had all been looking forward to this wedding for a long time as we knew it would be a great party! My boyfriend Matt also came to the wedding as a guest. At the end of my official duties, I changed into a party dress and danced until my feet begged me to go to bed! I also had to get a good night’s rest for Megan and Pat’s wedding the following day! -Lindsay

Both Amy and Jay were feeling pretty good while getting ready!

I took this detail photo on top of a wedding scrapbook that Amy’s sister Emily had made.

Ian and Emily sang at the end of the ceremony as a wedding gift. Emily was a little choked up at the beginning of the song which really got the tears flowing for me!

A basketball kissing-game to spice things up!

Amy’s Grandmother baked individual cakes for each guest. The girls decorated each box by hand!

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