Alison & Derek

{Post Wedding Photography}

What is even more exciting than a wedding? Taking photos of the bride and groom in the Ocean the day after the wedding!

After a couple of Mojitos, we jumped on the beach-bound train for some portraits just before sunset. The train took us on the scenic route, so by the time we got to the beach, we hit the ground running. Before I even had my camera turned on, Alison was running through the Ocean!

We managed to get all of the photos done just in time…except for one that Alison had seen in a magazine. She wanted to put their rings on top of hand-prints in the sand. Derek starting smoothing out the sand, I got my camera all set and Alison suddenly gasped. Uh Oh! She had tried to pull her ring off, and it flew out of her hand into the sand below. We all dropped to our knees and very carefully started sifting through the sand. Did I mention that at this point it was pretty much dark? After 45 minutes of searching, one Mexican cell-phone flashlight, one lighter, two lanterns and a metal detector…WE FOUND THE RING! Alison tackled me to the ground as soon as I slid the ring out of the sand. After what felt like another 45 minutes of us crying and hugging, we headed back to the resort and cracked a bottle of champagne!

This story will definitely make the history books as we told it over and over again to all of the wedding guests as we ran into them that night!

There were a few lessons learned as I know never to ask a bride to take off her rings in the dark on a windy beach! In the end, we all agreed that the photos were worth it!

– Lindsay


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