Kudos & Client Raves

Jessica + Chris
{Bellamere Winery Wedding Photography}

"When Chris and I got engaged and started planning the wedding, I knew I wanted to book HRM as our photographer. When we met with Heather, it sealed the deal. We didn't meet with any other photographers because we felt comfortable and we had complete confidence that she would do an amazing job. For two people who do not like having their pictures taken, she made sure we had fun and forgot about any awkwardness that we had felt going into it. She entertained our ideas but told us when something didn't work (which we loved about her) and was always organized and creative. We took our engagement photos at the farm I grew up on which meant a lot to me, and I felt Heather really understood this and tried to make it special. I will always be thankful for this. On our wedding day, she made both of us feel at ease and like we didn't have to worry about a thing. Our wedding photos are everything we wanted and more and because of Heather we will be able to look back for years to come at the beauty that was our wedding day."

Elizabeth + Giulio
{Niagara-on-the-Lake Wedding Photography}

"We had a blast with our photographers Lindsay and her assistant. Not only were they creative and inspired, they were energetic, positive, and flexible to our selected locations and our last minute decisions. They handled both large group settings (which can be particularly overwhelming when two large families, and a grumpy groundskeeper take over your photo area), and more intimate snaps with a respectful, professional attitude. Lindsay and Matthew kept things light, well paced, while always on-the-ready to move forward, which is an essential skill to have when dealing with a time limit on a hot day in July. They especially handled shots with kids well (and we are not just talking about our youthful, beautiful wedding party)! We can not write enough positive things about our experience with HRM. From the initial planning date, to our big day, we had and exceptional experience. Thank You! "

Dominique + Chris
{ElmHurst Inn Wedding Photography}

"Our experience with HRM Photography, from the very beginning was absolutely amazing. From online research only, we basically knew we wanted to book them due to the fact that they took stunning photos... but after meeting with Heather we were undoubtedly sold. HRM Photography, from start to finish have been nothing but professional, prompt, and fantastically talented. More than that, Heather and her team made my groom and I feel so very loved, and extremely well taken care of. The fact that Heather teared up during our wedding day, on more than one occasion, proves that she not only loves what she does, but actually bonds with her clients and develops real relationships with her couples. We could literally not be any happier with our photos, and we will continue to ask HRM Photography to be a part of our lives in the future as we grow our family. Best photographers around, hands down. Love, Dominique and Christopher Kaye "

Amanda + Dave
{Bellamere Winery Wedding Photography}

"When Dave and I got engaged, we knew right away that you do not look for a deal when it's comes to a photographer. When I was researching photographers in the London area and came across HRM, there wasn't one wedding photo of theirs that didn't take my breath away. It was a very easy decision for us. At the end of the day, all you have left are those memories that are portrayed in photographs, and I couldn't have asked for better photos. I felt truly comfortable putting my full trust in Niki for our engagement and wedding photos. She is so confident and a true artist and I didn't feel I needed to worry for one minute. Her organizational skills and expertise along the way made us very at ease."

Grace + Matt
{Windermere Manor Wedding Photography}

"I am consistently impressed by HRM's ability to capture completely different wedding styles perfectly. My sister had a beautiful spring wedding and Heather's pictures captured that exactly. Everything was fresh and bright and dreamy. I wanted a fall wedding that was jewel toned and rich and dark. Heather not only captured that in the actual wedding pictures, but even found a separate location (a lovely abandoned historic mansion) to whisk my husband and I to after the ceremony where she took some of the most amazing pictures I have ever seen. You just have to look at the HRM portfolio to see all the different styles they capture. You show up with all these ideas about what you want your wedding to be and then somehow magically, Heather and her team make it real. They're like fairy godmother photographers! "

Lauren + Jose
{Museum London Wedding Photography}

"HRM was absolutely the best choice for our wedding photographers. The month of October had been unusually warm, but of course on our wedding day it was all of a sudden snowing and extremely cold. Because it had been so warm, we hadn't planned alternate locations to shoot our photos and we also hadn't thought of bringing warm accessories for myself or my bridesmaids. Thank goodness for Lindsay saving the day and getting through our large family and bridal party formal photos so quickly in the freezing cold. I couldn't believe how organized HRM was and how efficient they were at capturing our shots. Not only that, but both Lindsey and her assistant were warm, friendly, and made us feel like they weren’t even there during intimate moments such as our first look and during our ceremonies. When we received our photos, both my husband and I were overwhelmed with how beautiful they turned out. Our friends and family have even gone as far to say that they look as if they are straight out of magazine. Thank you HRM for providing such excellent service and beautiful photos. "

Natalie + Michael
{Toronto Ontario Wedding Photography}

"Our wedding was truly an amazing day! But with all the travelling from one location to the next, greeting our guests, making sure we were on schedule; it was difficult to appreciate every single detail as we would have liked. We always thought one of the most important aspects of our wedding is a good photographer who can help capture those special moments that we can forever reminisce together as much as we wanted. We are so glad to have chosen HRM to fulfill this important role. Lindsay and her assistant Katia were brilliant. From the first moment we met them in the morning, they were friendly, approachable and enthusiastic. We loved their creative approach in taking photos and they would grab every opportunity they could to take a beautiful and unique photo. Every photo they took put a great smile to our faces as we were able to recall those special moments of our wedding. Apart from the wedding day itself, the aftermath in editing the thank you cards, the wedding and parent albums are equally important. Niki and Heather are always quick to reply our emails and we found that reassuring and helpful. We can’t wait to see our wedding album! Any couple who decides to have HRM as their photographer will be just as pleased and excited as we were! Thank you again for being part of our special day! "

Natalia + Michel
{Steam Whistle Brewery Wedding Photography}

"MAGICAL, ROMANTIC, ELEGANT, CANDID and VINTAGE… these are just a FEW of the words that describe how our wedding was captured by Niki and HRM Photography! I can’t rave enough about the quality of the work; Niki delivered everything we could have dreamed of and more for BOTH our engagement shoot and wedding and we are so incredibly happy. The photos can speak for themselves, but no one will truly know how comfortable we felt behind-the-scenes as well; from day one Niki had helped us shape the vision with such confidence and ease that we never really once worried about anything since then! I can’t explain enough how it feels as a bride to just “let go” and put anything and everything to do with photography into someone else’s hands with complete confidence and receive a finished product that was even BETTER than her wildest dreams. But that exists, with Niki and HRM Photography… don’t even bother looking anywhere else. Thank you, thank you, thank you Niki and the team, you have captured so many special moments in our new life together and I can’t wait to work with you again on future moments and events! "

Megan + Marco
{London Ontario Pioneer Village Wedding Photography}

"Marco and I just wanted to let you know how much we loved having you as our photographer! It was great to have someone so talented, professional, and passionate about her work! We loved that you kept getting inspired by the light in different scenarios, and your idea about the maze was awesome! I also appreciated your calm and outgoing presence that helped me feel comfortable at a time when I was experiencing so much excitement and nervousness! And thank you for sending the sneek peaks right away. It's exciting to get to see a few great pictures so early and to get to share them! Thank you again! We are very grateful!"