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HRM Photography & Blissful Weddings are delighted to unite to assist brides with their planning woes.  Wedding planner extraordinare, Jennifer Eaves will be posting blog articles with wedding trends & bridal style tips, inspiration boards, local upcoming wedding events and even answering questions from YOU our readers!  If you have any questions regarding etiquette, wedding dilemmas, budget concerns, family conflict or even style trends please email us at and Jennifer would be happy to answer your planning questions!

About Jennifer Eaves & Blissful Weddings:
As a certified wedding planner with extensive experience in the wedding industry, my goal is to offer happy couples peace of mind and ease with their planning process.  Bringing creative and unique concepts to their head table all while keeping it personal and intimate.  I am able to customize packages, checklists, timelines and vendor referrals to tailor to each individual couples wedding needs and desires.  I also offer personalized save-the-date web pages and even wedding websites!  

Planning together, we can make this upcoming wedding season beautiful blissful and stylishly stress-free!  

I look forward to hearing from you!
Jennifer Eaves, WPICC

*** Please note, original sources for the images provide in the planning tips below can be found on the Blissful Weddings Pintrest Page.  The images displayed in our planning tips have been sourced to aid brides with planning inspiration, only those with HRM logos are HRM Photography images.

Wedding Photography FAQ

What is your style? What makes you stand out?

We’re versatile and love bold, bright images filled with joy. We adapt to our couples and their wedding vision. Beautiful, Fun & Real images for real couples.

Who has image ownership and printing rights after the wedding?

All of our packages include high resolution files on USB and ownership of your images. Go ahead – print them out as you wish!

Do you backup your wedding images?

We take backing up our images very seriously! We head to a wedding with an arsenal of cameras & lenses (all high end Nikon gear) and have backups for our backups, literally. Our cameras have double memory card slots so that while shooting files are automatically being backed up, and after the wedding your images are stored on a RAID server as well as off site backup.

How do you deal with Mother Nature’s wrath?

Don’t let rain, snow or even clouds dampen your day. We have lots of suggestions & connections for indoor locations, come armed with many, many umbrellas and have experienced shooting in all lighting / weather conditions (ask us about that time we were shooting an outdoor farm wedding during a tornado warning!)

How much editing do the images you take receive?

All images are edited for colour, contrast and exposure. Album & print orders receive a second level of polishing. Our editing style is clean, crisp & bright. We want you to remember the joy & happiness of your day and not feel like your images are dated by technology.  Just because you CAN add a crazy filter on an image doesn’t mean you should!

Do you take family pictures and portraits at weddings?

Of course! Typically photographers don’t include these in their portfolios as they aren’t particularly interestesting to anyone aside from the people who are in them. That’s not to say we don’t take time & care with these images! At the end of the day, these are the images that will go in your family history book. We ask for a list of important combinations so we don’t miss anyone. We don’t want to make Grandma mad!

How many pictures can we expect to receive?

We believe in quality AND quantity and there is no limit to the amount of pictures we take or deliver to our clients. The only complaint we regularly get is that “there were so many pictures to choose from that I couldn’t pick my favorites”. However, you don’t need to choose because all the images are yours to keep! On average, you’ll receive a minimum of 100 images per hour of coverage, but often much, much more.

What is your turnaround time for the pictures after our wedding?

Quality takes time, but we know how anxious you and your families are to see your beautiful photos. Depending on our current workload, it can take anywhere from 4-10 weeks for your full gallery is standard. Don’t worry, we will provide a sneak peek ASAP to tide you over!

Have a question that isn't here? Please send us an email, we'd be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Great Tips From The Wedding Pros!!

As a wedding planner, I get to work with such amazing and talented people! They’re always keeping me informed with the latest trends and tips in their fields. I decided to ask a select few of the top-notch wedding vendors to share their greatest wedding tips…with YOU!! Enjoy! 

- Jennifer Eaves, Blissful Bookings

Energetic Entertainment

“One thing I can mention from a DJ perspective that gets missed more times than not is positioning. The closer the DJ is to the dance floor (the crowd) the better! There’s nothing worse than getting to an event and being stuck in the corner 30 feet away from the dance floor. Another thing is the seating of the elderly people in conjunction with speaker positioning. My five cents!”
- Rob Aitken, Music Central Entertainment |

Tuxedo Tip

“Don’t settle for ordering anything from a catalogue, try on your tuxedo before you rent to ensure you get the style, comfort and fit you are looking for”
- Mark Brunnenmeir, Bud Gowan Formalwear |



Fabulous Films

“When reciting your vows, take a breath, sink into the moment and take your time! Really say it to your new spouse as you look in their eyes. Speed talking just doesn't have that same meaningful effect. Aside from having a beautiful moment, sincerely spoken vows will also help your wedding filmmaker craft you a truly memorable film in which you can relive that fleeting moment over and over.”

- Greg Idasz, AV Artisan Wedding Films |

Contemporary Décor

“Mixing different styles (modern, glam, classic, vintage) rather than picking just one creates a more authentic and interesting look”
- Jackie Phillips, To Suit Your Fancy |


Plan your Photos!

“Always devise a list of groupings for the family photos prior to the wedding day. This will help ensure you get everyone you wanted in a photo and not forget anyone! This will also save time so you can enjoying more of your wedding day!”
- Niki Patel, HRM Photography |


Menu Selection

“Establish trust in your caterer. Make sure you get a tasting once your menu is set!”
- James Meadows, Catering By James Meadows |

Inspirational Invitations

“An inspiration board is a wonderful tool that helps me as a designer to understand the overall mood of your event and ensures we are visually on the same page. Before meeting with any of your vendors, I recommend that you spend some time on research. Go online (Pinterest is a great source) or pick up some magazines and collect pictures of everything that excites you and speaks to you. Organize it in a binder, or make your own inspiration board! This will be very helpful in your meetings so everyone you speak with will have a better idea of the look you're going for!”
- Elena Sebekos, Paperboat Creations |

Budget Accordingly

“Quite often I see couples with full guest lists and more “conservative” wedding budgets. With all their plans and desires such as; open bar, cocktail hour, 3 course sit down meals and dancing into the wee hours…a small wedding budget is not realistic. There is a real art to calculating and distributing your wedding budget so you get the best bang for you buck! Your wedding planner should be able to help you allocate your budget accordingly, so you know exactly how much you need to spend on each vendor based on your guest count. The costs of a wedding can be overwhelming and quite often, many couples end up very stressed out and find it hard to stay on budget. Planning a wedding doesn’t have to be stressful, if you have the help of a planner to guide you through the entire process, planning your wedding can be very blissful”
- Jennifer Eaves, Blissful Bookings |

Flower Power

“Many times when choosing florals for a wedding, brides rely on photos from magazines or celebrity weddings to inspire their vision for the colours and theme of the decor for their wedding. Quite often these photos are unrealistic in the flower types, size and fullness that an average bride can afford. It can be very scary to find out what the actual cost of getting EXACTLY what you see in the photos ends up being. Brides can easily be turned off the entire process, feeling that their vision is simply unachievable. Rather than choosing photos of what you want, consider choosing photos of inspiration - and decide on a realistic budget. I always tell girls - figure out what you can spend per table rather than just lumping a single figure together. Once you know what you have available to spend on each guest table - a good florist should be able to recommend a suitable substitute to your inspirational photos, or suggest what they have in their inventory to provide a similar look for a lesser cost. If large show-stopping centerpieces are what you're dying to have, consider spending more money on those tables, and sacrifice for a much more simple arrangement on the other tables - to still get that 'wow' factor when guests enter into the reception.”
- Natalie Webster, Village Vines Florists |

Wedding Cakes on a Budget

“If you are hosting a large event/wedding on a budget you still have options! Cupcakes make a fabulous budget friendly alternative to a wedding cake, and the great news is that cupcake displays are super trendy right now. Another bonus about opting for a cupcake display is you also forego the "cake cutting fee" (yes, most venues charge to cut your cake into perfect portioned slices). If you had your heart set on a cake, well it’s your wedding - have your cake and eat it too! Order a cake you can afford (either a smaller size or a less detailed design), then order cupcakes to fill the rest of your guest count. This gives you; your cake to cut, and your guests will love to have the option - a slice of cake or a cupcake. Let your baker know your budget and see what kind of options they are able to provide you with!”
- Chad Hamilton, Chick Boss Cake |

The Perfect Wedding Gown

“Searching for your perfect wedding gown can be an emotional time. When you don’t know where to start or options, trust your sales consultant. He or she will be your confidant and should be there along with you every step of the way!”
- Anna Giannopoulos, Nicholas & Elizabeth Bridal |

The Fun Factor!

Your wedding is one of the BEST days of your life!! However, for your guests…it can be long and unfortunately…boring. To help keep your guests happy and entertained ALL day try some of these great ideas….

Envious Entertainment! Having a good band or DJ is key for a fun-filled evening. You can also add some excitement to your wedding by adding some professional dancers, a fun video or inclusive games. Something that will keep your guests amused and chatting about your wedding day for years to come!

Frisky Photo Booth! Photo booths are very hot these days. It’s fun for your guests to get dressed up and take wacky photos of themselves! Keep your photo booth in theme with your wedding…or do something completely outrageous like your adding your hubby’s favourite sports teams jerseys or hats. Want to incorporate some culture? Add clothing or fun props that represent your home country!

Fun Favours! You could hire a caricaturist to draw pictures of your guests. Perhaps you could come up with an exciting way to give out all of your centerpieces…a putting contest or even a dance off? You could get really creative and have a “favour station”!! A little area set up for your guests to decorate their own favours! Don’t forget about the craft corner for the kids!!

Editable Urges! Once the party picks up…you don’t want your guests to head out. Have some really great late night food and drinks…and make sure you have a menu set up so they’ll stay for it!! Think ‘comfort food’ when you’re considering your late night food. FOOD TRUCKS!! Get your favourite food truck to make an appearance with poutine, sausages and tacos!! Your guests will definitely stick around to have a taste of that!! Don’t forget the slushies and ice cream cones!

It’s All About YOU!! Most importantly…make sure YOU have fun!!! If you aren’t in the mood to party…your guests won’t be either. I know it can be a really long day, and you just want to go snuggle up with your new hubby…but mingle, dance and have a blast at your OWN wedding!! Once it’s over…it’s over, so make sure you make the best of your big day!

Happy Planning!
- Jennifer @ Blissful Bookings

Inspiration for your Winter Themed Wedding

1. Expand your colour palette! Think outside the box when it comes to the colours you’d like to incorporate in your wedding. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you must follow the traditional red and gold Christmas theme or blue and silver winter wonderland theme. There are many rich pseudo neutrals that will warm up any winter wedding! Consider emerald green and gold. Chocolate, dusty rose and bronze or charcoal, burgundy and silver, eggplant and gold.

2. Don’t forget the props!! Winter photography can be utterly amazing!! Get creative and bring along some fun mittens, fur coats, hats and boots. Have fun with it!! Perhaps bring a toboggan or items to create a snowman, glitter and food colouring to write love notes in the snow or have a snowball fight with your wedding party!

3. Set the mood! If your venue allows you to have candles purchase some great aromatics that tie in with your theme. Evergreens, Cranberry, orange spice or chestnut and clove! Even if your venue doesn’t allow candles I’m sure they have outlet you can use to plug in some warm and jolly fragrance plugs! Don’t forget to dim the lights!

4. Comfort Food! Need I say more? Not only is it the most important day of your life but ‘tis the season where comfort food is at it’s best! Tie your meal in with your theme and style! Rich and creamy soups, hearty tenderloin with root vegetables and decadent death by chocolate desserts. Indulge!!

Happy Planning!
- Jennifer @ Blissful Bookings

London Ontario Boudoir Photography

You have decided to just go ahead and book a boudoir session – “What the heck, let’s give it a try!” – it takes a lot of courage but we promise you won’t regret it! You are probably a little nervous just thinking about being half naked in front of a camera! First off, take a deep breath and relax. You have our word that it will not be as scary as you might think and will actually turn out to be a lot of fun!

The following are some tips we have for your boudoir portrait session in terms of what to expect at your session, and what to bring in terms of accessories and outfits. Hopefully they will ease any butterflies! The number one thing to keep in mind is to bring outfits that you are comfortable with and that fits your style and who you are. Some of the things we suggest may just not be “you” so it would be silly to do them. We want to create beautiful portraits that portray you as the fabulous individual that you are!

Tell me more about your boudoir sessions!

One of the first questions we always get asked is “is it a female photographer who takes the photos” YES!  Boudoir sessions are photographed by either Heather or Niki and take place in our private natural light studio in downtown London where we have many different backdrops & props (blankets, chaise lounge, antique chairs, etc.). We can also go on location for these sessions – sometimes ‘on location’ just means shooting at your home. Other times, our client will rent out a swanky hotel room. We like to photograph boudoir sessions with as much natural light as possible. Natural light just simply looks better for these sessions! We do have studio lighting if required but for the most part your session will be with natural light from our huge skylights!

Please let us know if you have any concerns before you session – everyone has things they are self conscious about, so if you can let us know we can be sure to do our best to accentuate your best features and downplay your least favorites! If you have certain poses, props, etc. that you’d like to try out for you session, please let us know ahead of time (sending sample images from magazines, etc. is welcomed!) so we can be prepared for them! You can find some great inspiration pics in magazines such as Maxim, GQ, Vogue, Vanity Fair, etc.

Would you like to see some samples of our work? We value our client's privacy, and share limited images online strictly with our client's permission. View our galleries here.

What should I Wear?

In terms of what to wear, we suggest having at least three to five different outfits.  Variety is best, so make sure to bring a few different colours and styles so we have different options for the images. Bring outfits that you are comfortable in. Often our clients splurge and purchase a few new matching bra and panties sets – they are practical as you can wear them again! Other options to consider are: wearing your man’s favourite sports team jersey, one of his business shirts, your own work shirt (if you are a “woman-in-uniform”!), a silk robe, your favourite pair of jeans with just a bra or topless (can look great if you have hair long enough to cover things up!) etc. Be creative!

Please note, for hygienic reasons we do not provide ANY clothing for these sessions and ask that clients bring all their own clothing. We do have accessories  (hair pieces, jewelery, etc.) that you are welcome to use!

What about accessories?

Accessories can add so much to your photos! Shoes and Jewelry are a must: dangling earrings always look pretty, pearls or a long beaded necklace can be a little sassy if you play with it for a series of photographs. Sexy heels or high boots look great in photos. And of course, if this is a wedding gift, your engagement ring and other bridal accessories (veil, shoes,  etc.)  Some other suggestions are:  stockings (fishnets, sheer leggings, garters, etc.),  feather boa, your man’s tie, hair accessories (birdcage veil, fascinators)

What about hair & make-up?

We find the best results come from having professional hair/makeup done. Not only does a professional know what will photograph best, we find it really boosts your confidence to get all dolled up for the session! If you would rather do your own hair and/or makeup we suggest that you do your makeup as you would for a night out on the town! Bringing a tube of lip gloss is a must – shiny lips are the sexiest!  If you have long hair, it is great to switch up the styles. We find having hair down photographs the best for boudoir sessions but it is also fun to switch it up and tie it back for some shots (for example, when you’re wearing your man’s work shirt for a “professional” look!).

How much does it cost?

Cost for a boudoir session is $495 + taxes and includes the session (about 1-1.5 hours), a private online gallery with all the images, your 20 fave images expertly retouched in a 4×6 brag book and the 20 retouched files in high res on DVD. If your boudoir session is for a gift, we suggest booking the session no later than about 6 weeks before you’d like the album to be ready. We are available for boudoir sessions Monday-Thursday from 9-4. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to book a session!

DIY: The Succulent Wreath

Succulent Wreath

Cost: $20 / Time: 1.5 Hours
Materials: Wreath frame, Sphagnum moss, Fishing wire, Bobby pins, Succulent clippings, Pencil
Images & Source: Prudent Baby

Tip: The wreath IS alive so be sure to spritz with water and to put it in the sun until you use it on your BIG day!!

Step 1: Place the moss on the wreath frame and secure it with fishing wire.

Step 2: Use the pencil to create a hole in the moss.

Step 3: Place a succulent clipping into the hole and secure it with a bobby pin.

Step 4: Arrange the succulent clippings around the wreath! The fuller the wreath looks, the better!

This wreath is gorgeous for any type of shabby-chic, rustic, garden inspired, country-style, barnyard or outdoor wedding. You can create a larger wreath to hang as a focal point behind your head table or a few smaller ones to place throughout your venue to create that beautiful outdoorsy feeling.

Happy Planning,
Jennifer Eaves

Eight Unique Guestbook Ideas

1. Puzzle Pieces: Select your favourite puzzle and have your guests choose a piece to jot a message on. You can even frame it as a keepsake! 

Puzzle Piece guestbook

2. Typewriter: If you're planning a vintage theme, this is a fantastic idea. Have the typewriter available for your guests to type individual messages on!

Typerwriter Wedding Guestbook

3. Message Tree: Choose cut outs that cater to your style or theme and have your guests write a note and hang them on a little tree!

4. Wine Bottles: Perfect for couples who are fond of wine. These also make great keepsakes for future anniversaries!

5. Guitar: Wonderful for couples who play or love music. Absolutely beautiful!

6. Pebbles: Great for beach, rustic or outdoor weddings. Invite guests to write a message of encouragement on pebbles you gather. Afterwards, you can keep them in a vase or even your garden!

7. Wood Piece: Perfect for rustic, barn or woodland themed weddings. You could even mount it on your wall for everyone to admire!

Pebbles Wood Guestbook
Photo credit:

8. Letters: Simply divine for intimate weddings. Have envelopes available for guests to deposit their notes in!

Letter Guestbook
Photo credit: Meg Ruth

Happy Planning!


Latest Wedding Linens

Believe it or not, one of the latest 2013 wedding trends is table linens! It seems like a small piece of the puzzle and is often over looked but the right linen can add romance, sophistication and will set your wedding apart from others. Here are a few examples of some of the table trends we'll see this season.

1. BURLAP: Perfect for anything rustic, woodlands, shabby-chic, vintage or southern-style. This is great for barn yard weddings but can also be used indoors too! Make sure you get your burlap from your florist or decorator, you don't want to use anything that is untreated. Untreated burlap can carry an unpleasant order and even cause some guests to have an allergic reaction.

2. CHIFFON: Chiffon can make or break your décor so proceed with caution. Being that chiffon is light and airy it is a beautiful choice for spring and summer weddings. It comes in a wide variety of styles and colours. I wouldn't recommend going with chiffon if you you have a chiffon wedding gown or bridesmaids dresses. That can become a little bit overwhelming. Done right, it can be a beautiful and glamourous adding to your special day.

Burlap Chiffon Wedding Linens

3. DAMASK: Super duper chic! This Parisian inspired pattern is sophisticated and elegant. Again, it must be done the right way. Too much of a good thing can become quite wrong! Just add bits and pieces of this gorgeous print throughout your décor for an innovative feel. Damask works best in either black and white or a muted two-tine print.

4. GLITTER: Sparkle and glitter will most likely be one of the more popular choices when it comes to the linen trends this year. It's absolutely gorgeous! If you want to add some glitter to your reception but feel like it's too much to add it to every table, perhaps just have it on the head table, cake table or candy bar. It is a very expensive piece of linen so use it sparingly to keep your budget in check!

Demask and Glitter linens

5. LACE: Lace is all over the place in 2013! It timeless, romantic and works with almost every style and theme. My only piece of advice is to make sure you choose a more modern style of lace or else you risk the chance of it coming across too Victorian. No doilies!

6. PATTERNED: Patterns and embellishments can add a beautiful feel to your wedding reception. I prefer light, neutral patterns with a muted motif. If you decide to go with a patterned linen please keep everything else in the room simple. Keep the focus solely on the table cloths – and you of course!!

Lace and Patterned linen wedding

7. STRIPES: This is going to be another very popular choice this year. I really like the subdued feel of the two-tone print. It's classy and chic and works best with elegant themes. You can't really go wrong with a stipe…just don't go crazy with the choice of colours!! Less is more!

8. TEXTURE: If you want to add a wow factor but are a little hesitant of the over-the-top linens opt for a textured linen! It's super modern and extremely charming! If you choose a textured table linen select a sleek chair. The contrast makes for a very contemporary experience.

Textured and Striped linens for weddings

Happy Planning!

Money Saving Tips For Frugal Brides

1. Embrace The Off Season!

Winter Wedding at the Elmhurst Inn
Wedding off season, typically November 1st – May 1st, is becoming more and more popular and with good reason! Many vendors offer specials discounts, packages and rates during the off season - sometimes up to 30%! If you have family from out of town coming in for the holidays, it might be nice just to have your wedding while everyone is off work or school and is already paying the airfare ticket – saving them more money…perhaps to put towards your gift! How beautiful would it be to throw a Christmas themed wedding? All your décor is already up at most venues saving you extra cash in the flower/décor component of your budget.

2. Plan A Brunch Wedding!

Omelette bar at Elsie Perrin Williams
What to instantly save a ton of money? Cut out the booze! I mean, it's still a wedding so offer a mimosa, sunrise or mojito but most guests will call it quits after one or two if you plan an early morning celebration. Not to mention, you'll save on the food! Offer gourmet crepes or a build your own omelette station. Way less cheaper than buying everyone a prime rib dinner! Of course, your day will have to start fairly early but then you can capture that beautiful morning sunrise, plus you'll get to see your soon-to-be hubby all that sooner!

3. Be Strict With Your Guest List!

Intimate Wedding Reception
We know that we want to shout it from the roof tops and share your wedding with the whole world, however, reality sets in when you look at your budget. Another way to keep your costs to a minimum is be meticulous with your guest list. Nothing is wrong with having an intimate 50 person wedding, in fact it's becoming more ideal. Make a must have list (parents, immediate family, wedding party) and then add in those friends and extended family members that you'd like to have there. Fewer attendants means less money spent!

4. Opt For Seasonal or non-floral Bouquets!
Paper wedding flowers in bouquet
You can save a few extra dollars by choosing seasonal and local flowers for your bouquet and centrepieces. Ask your florist for a list of of their seasonal flowers and how they fit with your wedding's theme. You can save even more by bulking up your floral arrangements with extra greenery, plants and non-floral accessories. Be creative and see how much you can save on your flower budget by just tweaking a few little things. Maybe go with less flowers but add in extra banana leaves, pins, feathers, fruit or even…candy!

Happy Planning!


Five Styles of Bridal Show Stopper Shoes!

1. SPARKLE: Designer high-heels, necklace-straps, rhinestones and BLING!
2. BLUE: Blue suede shoes are a super hot trend this year! Blue Wedding Shoes

3. PRINTS: Animal prints, stripes and even floral shoes are super modern!Prints on Wedding Shoes

4. VINTAGE: The roaring twenties and old Hollywood inspired shoes are very chic!

5. TEXTURE: Unique details, embellishments, feathers and LACE!!


Questions from our Readers!

I LOVE helping out brides and grooms and assisting them with any wedding questions that pop up along the way. Here are some of the most recent questions that I have received.

How do we cater to the vegan guests (won't eat any meat, cheese, fish, eggs, etc.) that are attending our wedding?
Next time you sit down with your caterer, let them know that a few guests need special meals and discuss what options they offer for vegans. Include a couple of hors d'oeurves, an appetizer, an entrée, a dessert (vegan cupcakes) and something for late night that is just for them. They'll appreciate the extra thought you put into catering to their food preferences. Make sure the servers know who the vegan guests are so there's no mix ups!

We are having Mason jars for drinking glasses at the wedding, do we still need to rent wine glasses for wine at dinner?
It's worth investing in wine glasses for dinner. Many guests won't drink the wine if it's not in the proper stemware.

Who is supposed to do a speech and how long should it be?
Usually, the parents of the bride, the parents of the groom, the maid of honour, the best man and the bride and groom. I always recommend to keep speeches to 3 minutes a person or a combined total of 30 minutes. Guests, especially children, get restless if speeches are much longer than that!

For beer: kegs vs. cans vs. bottles for our outdoor wedding?
I wouldn't go with cans or a keg. I suggest bottles that the bartenders can pour into recyclable or biodegradable cups. You can even get cups with your monogram or wedding date on them!

I was thinking to save money, we wouldn't rent linen napkins, I'm really not going for a super classy look. I'm thinking of getting a bunch of paper napkins. Is this cheap looking?
Paper napkins are often done for less formal outdoor weddings. I recommend getting fun ones with a nice pattern or coloured ones that go with your colour, style and décor.

For our invitations, can our guests just RSVP to our website to save us on mailing costs?
If you add your website information to your RSVP cards, I also suggest adding an email (set up a brand new one up just for RSVPs) as well as a phone number. Not everyone has easy access to a computer. If it's a formal wedding, then I recommend sending out RSVP cards that include the website info along with envelopes that are pre-stamped and has the return address.

I love hearing from all of you! If you have any wedding related questions please email me at and your question could be answered in the next HRM blog!!

Happy Planning,

Creating a Flexible Seating Chart

Martha Stewart and I both agree that this is the easiest, most efficient and organized way to tackle your seating chart project. The trick? POST-ITS!! This makes for a flexible way to maneuver guests from table to table without going through multiple sheets of paper, running to the computer or becoming super stressed about the task. All you have to do is gather multiple colours of good ol' Post-its, a large piece of bristol board, some pencils and you're on your way! Choose one colour for the groom's guests, one colour for the bride's guests, a separate colour for the wedding party and write each guests name on it.

Then, draw tables (the exact floor plan of the reception room) on your bristol board and post away! You can even take this one step further (which is what I personally did when I got married) and add Post-it Flags to the tip of each guest name indicating which meal they chose. One colour flag for beef, one for chicken, one for vegetarian, another for children and you can even have one for special orders or allergies!  Check out Martha's link with a video of her explaining the flexible seating chart.

This method is perfect for any sized wedding, indoor or out. This will give you a visual idea of the layout of the room, who is sitting with who (does everyone at that table get along?) and where exactly in the room everyone is seated. Perhaps you don't want Aunt Sonja with her little 3 month old baby right beside the speakers, or someone with limited abilities far away from the exit. Not a problem, they can easily be moved by re-arranging the Post-its until the chart is exactly the way you envision it!

Happy Planning!!

(Photo Credit: Martha Stewart Weddings)

2013 Trend Alert!

THE DRESS:  Lace, lace, lace!  Lace is romantic, timeless and perfect for a casual or black-tie wedding.  Other top trends are key-hole backs, deep-v cuts, sheer long sleeves,  off-the shoulder necklines and even pastel gowns!  Of course OTT (over-the-top) gowns are super stylish and will always leave a big impression with your guests…not to mention your groom!

THE THEMES: The top 3 wedding themes this year are vintage-glam (think the roaring twenties), green weddings (eco-chic & DIY's) and countryside fairytales!

THE MENU:  Food bars!  Move over candy bars and make way for the new hot trend!  Bruschetta & caviar bars, mashed potato bars, pasta bars, pancake & waffle bars, taco bars and fruit & veggie bars are chic, fun and will leave your guests satisfied as they can customize their own plates!  Coffee bars, mimosa bars, popcorn bars and even strawberry short cake bars are going to be hot this year!

THE CAKE: Lace Cakes!  Inspired by the gown trend of course! Cakes are back and more glamourous than ever!  Don't worry, cake pops, cupcakes and grooms cakes will still make an appearance!  

THE COLOURS:  The top colour of the year is emerald green!  Tied for second place is mint green and lemon sorbet.  Aubergine and bordeaux are next in line!


{London, Ontario Wedding Photobooth}

Our Photo Booth is WAY too much fun!!  Its unique "open air" style lets you cram in up to 10 guests or more, guaranteed to enduce squeals of delight and non-stop laughter from your guests throughout the night. It provides totally hilarious and occassionally embarassing pictures of your friends & family that you can giggle about for years to come! We provide all props and backdrop or are happy to work with our clients to customize the photo booth to a specific theme or colour scheme.

What our couples are saying about the photo booth:
"Our guests still come up to us (almost a year later!) Saying how much fun they had at our wedding, and they always mention the photobooth! It was easy to use and fool proof! My only regret is that we didn't have it open all night!" - Sharon & George

"The photobooth added a fun, light-hearted element to the day. The pictures we got back are hilarious and we continue to look back at them again and again and laugh hysterically each time. The fact that we were able to capture my traditional european mama in devil horns with my bridesmaids was truly priceless! The photobooth is a must-have!" - Maria & Aaron

"The photo booth that HRM Photography set up for our wedding was SUCH an amazing success!!  They provided costumes and props, and it gave the guests something to do while the wedding party was being photographed, and was a great way for people to meet each other - we have photos of people who had just met having a blast together!  The best part of the photo booth photos for us is that we now have a collection of photos of all of our friends and family goofing off and having a great time, we will cherish these forever.  I particularly like one photo of my mother and my uncle dressed in princess props goofing off - she has it framed in her house and it makes me smile everytime I see it!" - Emillie & Damian

Interested in a photo booth for your wedding? Currently our amazing photo booth is available exclusively to couples who have booked HRM Photography for their wedding day photography. Drop us a line if you'd like more information about!

It's so awesome that even us photographers are sometimes tempted to make an appearance in it!

London Ontario Wedding Vendors

London Ontario Wedding Venues

 Dark Horse Estate Winery - We believe that a winery is more than just a place where wines are made, a winery is a place where memorable experiences are created that will last a lifetime. Dark Horse Estate Winery’s 20-acre vineyard is located in stunning Grand Bend in Huron County – Ontario’s West Coast. With the scenic vineyard as your background, Dark Horse Estate Winery is the ideal location for unforgettable events with superior service and exceptional wines. Our team of professionals will orchestrate and execute a flawless event every step of the way.

 Weddings at the London Club - We take your celebration from the ordinary to the extraordinary! You can be ensured that your special day worry-free and memorable. Let our planners manage every meticulous detail. The London Club can provide everything from a cozy and intimate gathering to a lavish and extravagant celebration of love.

The River Room - London Ontario Wedding VenueThe River Room - The River Room, located inside Museum London, is the most spectacular wedding venue in the city with floor to ceiling glass windows overlooking the forks of the Thames.  All food is customized to each couple's tastes and budget.  Seating capacity 86, Cocktail Reception 130



Ivey Spencer Leadership Center - London Ontario Wedding VenueIvey Spencer Leadership Centre / Spencer Hall - Located on the grounds of the former Spencer estate, the Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre is SW Ontario’s most exclusive address for dream weddings. Situated on 30 parkland acres adjacent to the Thames River, this Georgian Manor offers picturesque grounds for your outdoor ceremony and photos, a beautiful dining room for a truly unforgettable reception and modern accommodations for out-of-town guests.

Best Western Lamplighter - With our creative and original ideas, our couples receive an unforgettable wedding experience that is uniquely theirs. The Best Wester Lamplighter offers stunning settings where brides are radiant, guests are pampered and receptions are distinctive. This is your wedding... make it a magical day to remember

London Delta Armouries WeddingDelta Armouries - Married to the idea of having the perfect wedding? So are we! All you need to do is Say "I Do" and we'll take care of the rest! Reasonable rates with a venue that outclasses the competition.


Elsie Perrin Williams EstateElsie Perrin Williams Estate - Whether you are looking for the traditional day or something unique, your wedding day will be made truly special at the Elsie Perrin Williams Estate. For small, intimate receptions for up to 80 or large fairy-tale tented receptions for up to 150 - it is exclusively yours for the day. The Estate is the perfect venue for your wedding day events - from ceremony to reception and photos - in a private and unique setting!


Windermere Manor London OntarioWindermere Manor -  Somewhere between “stately and quaint” best describes The Windermere Manor. This fine estate, built in 1925 by John E. Smallman is a faithful architectural reflection of Tudor England and a fitting tribute to his father Thomas, a founding member of “The Imperial Oil Company.” Although slightly altered, inside the Manor retains its lofty ceilings, hand-hewn beams, oak balcony and imposing yet welcoming wood-burning stone fireplace, echoing a feeling of by-gone era warmth and luxury.



Elmust Inn WeddingsElmhurst Inn and Spa - Your dream wedding will come to life at Ingersoll’s Elm Hurst Inn & Spa. Whether you envision an elegant affair or a country celebration, their unique ceremony & reception spaces and professional expertise will ensure that your special day is filled with joyful memories to last a lifetime. Accommodates weddings up to 230 guests.


Bellamere Winery Bellamere Winery and Event Centre - A truly charming location without equal, Bellamere is the perfect setting for your dream wedding. Surrounded by 16 acres of rolling countryside, two timber framed halls, and a character all it’s own, Bellamere Winery makes your special day an event to remember!


 FireRock Golf Club - From the very first moment you open the doors to our modern clubhouse, you know you have found the perfect location for your wedding.  Our distinctive facilities have a rich, warm and modern style, creating the perfect ambience.  With our covered patio you can enjoy your wedding ceremony outside overlooking the beautifully landscaped course, rain or shine.  At FireRock your first dance can be outside under the stars or set to a live fireworks show.  The possibilities are endless at FireRock and with an onsite wedding co-ordinate we are able to help you every step of the way.
Fanshawe Pioneer Village
 Fanshawe Pioneer Village
- Celebrate your future with a step back in time at Fanshawe Pioneer Village. From a ceremony in a 19th century church to an extravagant reception in the new Trillium Community Gallery, Fanshawe Pioneer Village is a perfect location for weddings and receptions of any style.


Forest City NationalForest City National - Tucked among the trees overlooking beautiful Fanshawe Lake, Forest City National provides spectacular views for an outdoor ceremony and incredible photo opportunities. A beautiful venue, that allows for the ceremony and reception to be at one location. The talented executive chef can customize a perfect wedding menu to suit your individual needs. Forest City National strives towards high quality and attentive customer service to provide a truly memorable experience!  



 Craigowan Golf Club - Craigowan Golf Club is the perfect venue for you. Nestled in the rolling hills of Oxford County, just north of Woodstock, Ontario. We host weddings year round and offer you the finest in planning, preparation, and service from the planning process right through your wedding day. Relax and enjoy your day while we ensure it unfolds exactly as you planned. We want you and your guests to have a memorable day and experience, we look forward to being a part of your special day.


London Ontario Wedding Videographers

Wyton Weddings specializes in creating real life love stories. We document wedding days on video and bottle them up into forever keepsakes for you to relive again and again.


LC Productions LC Productions - With a strong customer focus and a passion for creating memories and storytelling, LC Productions creates cinematic wedding films. Our business is built upon the great relationships we build with our clients right from our initial meeting. We are based out of London, Ontario, but our team of experienced videographers are willing to travel around Ontario and the globe to fulfill your needs.




Through the Lens Productions - Through the Lens Productions offers candid, documentary style coverage of your wedding day.  All of our packages, prices, and payment plans are customizable upon the clients’ desires.  Let us capture all the special moments of your wedding day, a memory to last forever!




London Ontario Wedding Florists

The Little Shed Flower Co. - Based just outside of Bayfield Ontario, The Little Shed Flower Co. specializes in weddings, offering custom floral and event design. With a wild, natural style, and an affinity for unusual colour combinations, Sarah is passionate about designing authentic and genuine floral installations for her clients. Province wide travel available. 

Designs in Bloom - London Ontario Wedding Flowers Designs in Bloom - an innovative company with a fresh approach to floral design. They combine their experience and creativity with your tastes and style to bring your floral visions to life! Designs in Bloom works closely with each couple to custom design your wedding just the way you envision it. The discerning bride knows just how important flowers are in creating the perfect wedding atmosphere and in creating memories for years to come.



 Rossini Floral - We understand that every wedding should be a reflection of you, your family and your friends. Our Weddings are never “cookie cutter”. Every bouquet, centerpiece and boutonniere are as unique as the brides who order them.  Rossini Floral-Floral Design-Event Decor is one of London’s premiere Wedding and Special Events co-ordinator companies owned and operated by Russell Rossini.Celebrating over 25 years of experience in custom designing, coordinating and successfully executing numerous special events of various magnitudes, Rossini Floral’s owner Russell Rossini has established himself as one of the industry’s foremost Event Designers.




Springhill Flowers - Springhill Flowers is a third generation flower shop, owned and operated by Mary Dann. Mary has experience working with some of the most well-known industry professionals, and belongs to the Chapel Designer group. Springhill offers non-obligation consultations for wedding estimates, and are here to help you find your unique look for your wedding.

London Ontario Wedding Decor

Eclectic Weddings and Events London Ontario Eclectic Weddings & Events is a design consulting company providing professional and knowledgeable consultants that are beyond-the-box designers with the ability to execute to perfection. We are your one-stop-shop for Decor, Floral, Design and Coordination. Our process is simple: We Listen… Anticipate… Execute… and Deliver!

 Caralis Weddings & Events was founded by industry expert and fun loving diva Nicky Carali. We specialize in creating innovative, sophisticated and cutting edge events. With over 15 years experience in the events industry, we have developed a rich knowledge and understanding of the event world and our clients, resulting in our reputation for creating truly customized, unique and unforgettable events.


London Ontario Hair & Makeup

AlyCat Hair & Makeup LondonAlycat Hair & Makeup -  On-location makeup airbrush & event hair service. AlyCat specializes in large weddings and all events leading to your wedding. Our service is unique, as you will get 2+ professional artists (makeup & Hair Artists) to pamper you before your shoot or event. We are proud to announce that we are available for makeup and hair services on location as well as in AlyCat Studio. Sit Back & Relax, let AlyCat’s make you look & feel Purrrfect!


Vanity House London Ontario Hair Stylist

Vanity House- Vanity House believes in an all encompassing experience, from start to finish. We are highly educated, highly trained and passionate about our craft. Our experienced stylists have to come us from all over Canada - with their experienced back rounds, years of experience, and educational training, we are able to satisfy even the most discerning tastes on your big day.




Taz Hair Co Taz Hair Co. London - provides services for any occasion. Whether it is your engagement, bachelorette, wedding prep or any other camera ready event, we are available for your every need. Our educated artists specialize in colour, cutting, up-styling as well as makeup, including the the flawless airbrush application. Our teams’ professionalism, talent and creativity assist to make your services seamless and stress-free. With the top stylists and makeup artists in Southwestern Ontario, the Taz team is dedicated to delivering the best experience in town!


London Ontario Wedding Caterers

Culinary Catering London OntarioCulinary Catering - Culinary Catering is a large company that caterers to many different venues in London. Not only will they help you find the perfect venue, they will also help you through the entire planning process. They provide absolute excellence in food and service and will go above and beyond to make sure your event is unforgettable.

London Ontario Wedding DJs

Sticky Pudding Catering - One of the preferred caterers of London, David strives to accommodate your every need by planning and implementing your requests and ideas to create the perfect function whether it be a wedding, a birthday celebration, a reception or a dinner party. David consistently impresses potential clients with his positive energy, enthusiasm, and creativity. He will enhance your vision or help you develop one that is unforgettable

North Moore Catering Co. - London Ontario CatererNorth Moore - When you want quality and consistency, North Moore Catering Ltd. is London's most refined caterer.  We don't believe in "cookie cutter" brides and create individualized menus for each wedding so no two are ever the same.  All food is cooked fresh on site


Music Central - London Ontario DJMusic Central - Music Central is London and area’s most respected wedding DJ and entertainment company.  We offer customized packages from the  ceremony to the dance including DJ and live music options.


DJ Alpha - We’re redefining the role of a wedding DJ. It’s your day, you should have complete control of what direction you want the night to head. From the moment the first guest arrives, to the very last song, our goal is simple – make sure you and your guests have an absolutely amazing experience.




London Ontario Wedding Planners

 Blissful Weddings & Co. - Professional wedding planning and coordination for London and Southwestern Ontario. Polished planning for your blissful day!


Unmistakably You - London Ontario Wedding PlannerUnmistakably You - A unique wedding coordination company specializing in personal and creative weddings.  Offering full planning, day-of coordination, and anything in between, Amy and her team will help control your budget, save you time, and reduce your stress, allowing you to enjoy the most special day of your life.  Call Unmistakably You today, where it's Your Wedding, Your Way!


Twelfth Night Events London Ontario Wedding Planner


Twelfth Night Events - A full service event planning company that plans wedding, social events and engagements, gala events and corporate events. We are a team of professionals with a background in hospitality.



London Ontario Wedding Officiants

Something New Officiant - I serve all partnerships in planning a ceremony that reflects their uniqueness, and I believe in ceremonies to honour all relationships; with a strong commitment to serving LGBTQ2+ partnerships, unions and wedding ceremonies. It is every person's right to determine their family, and I happily walk beside each unique individual that chooses me to be a part of their journey.

All Seasons Weddings (Melissa Taylor) - Melissa feels every couple, no matter their cultures, faith or sexual orientation, has the right to happiness and a beautiful wedding. She is thrilled to help fulfill those dreams through officiating ceremonies. 

All Seasons Weddings (Lori Anne Hawkrigg) - She believes in the inclusion of all people regardless of ability, sexual orientation, race and skin colour. She is very personable with people and those in her presence are made to feel comfortable. She allows people to be who they are without judgment and believes that all couples should have the right to choose whom they marry and how they want to celebrate their special day in union. 

Linda Grover Officiant - It is about you two and your journey through life together. This is your day, your celebration and your commitment. My commitment is to work with you to create the perfect ceremony that is uniquely yours, one that is truly what you want it to be. I want to help you reflect your love and your life together

Team Dias - We are a husband and wife Team of Ordained Ministers pursuing our passion to serve others. 

HD Officiants -  Jeff of is a preferred wedding officiant in London.  He brings passion,  humour and professionalism to the most important 30 minutes of your life. You as a couple, have the opportunity to craft your ceremony to your personality,  while Jeff has the ability to not only capture your vision, but deliver it as well. 

London Ontario Wedding Invitations

Paper Boat Creations - London Wedding Invitations Paperboat Creations - This design studio offers a creative cluster of original design with fresh ideas for the individual who seeks for elegant & modern simplicity.

London Ontario Bridal Fitness

For the Love of Fitness For the Love of Fitness - Your special day is coming and all it seems you have time to do is plan your wedding. For the Love of Fitness is here to help take the ease and stress out of your day and the pounds off of your body! With our help, you will be in great shape by the time you walk down the aisle and you don't ever need to step foot in a gym once. We believe that everyone should be able to train with comfort, equality, and affordability.  




London Ontario Wedding Music

 Encore Music London - We are London, Ontario's premier String Quartet (or Trio) for weddings, and other special occasions.  Our group is comprised of professional musicians, who have performed internationally.  Contact us to find out how we can enhance your special event!

Bridal Fashion

Nicholas & Elizabeth BridalNicholas & Elizabeth Bridal is proud to be one of London, Ontario’s oldest and most prestigious bridal salons. When a bride comes to Nicholas & Elizabeth, we take pride in helping her find the perfect wedding dress with the kind of care and honest customer service that we’ve become known for.



Blair Nadeau MillineryHand-made with love, Blair Nadeau Millinery specializes in custom Fascinators, Veils, Crowns and Hats.  Crafted in a quaint studio in Toronto Ontario, each piece is made to order from the finest materials imported from Europe and beyond.  Stitch by stitch, crystal by crystal, each feather laid by hand, our Millinery is designed to be passed down from generation to generation.



London Ontario Wedding Favours

Moments In Tulle designs and creates custom handmade favours. Particularly for weddings. At Moments In Tulle the client tells us the theme and/or colours of their wedding and we design the perfect favour that will fit their style. Moments In Tulle offers a great variety of favours. Traditional, modern, classic and vintage. Favours that are a beautiful and thoughtful keepsake. Favours that are a reflection of the bride and groom.




London Ontario Wedding Cakes

Lodnon Wedding CakesChick Boss Cake - Professionally designed wedding cakes, cupcake displays, edible favours & cake toppers. Exceptional & reliable customer service you can trust on your big day! 



Bake Shop Studio - Cake designer Kate St Laurent handcrafts cakes from her boutique bake shop just south of London, Ontario. Specializing in handmade sugar flowers and delicate piping, she will create a visually stunning, great tasting cake for your big day. All cakes are baked fresh from scratch using a mix of local and organic ingredients.




London Ontario Realtors

​Anita Dream Home -  As a Realty Firm Inc. professional, I am dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service possible, worthy of your referral. Since 2000, I have worked a customer service job and have always dealt with my customers face to face and with the utmost care. Positive, motivated and knowledgeable; I am willing to do my best job for you, find the answers to your questions and obtain exemplary results.

Rosy Loewith: London Realtor - Throughout her experience she has worked with a wide-range of clients, all with unique needs and tastes.  Her extensive knowledge of the London real estate market is matched by her commitment to helping her clients realize their dreams, throughout the buying and selling process.


If you are a London, Ontario Wedding vendor and would like to be featured on this page please contact us at for consideration





LAST UPDATED April 10th, 2018
We have limited dates left for 2018 and have started to take 2019 & 2020 bookings! Please contact us if you'd like to meet with us about the photography on your big day, we'd love to hear from you!

BOOKING POLICY - Unfortunately, we are not able to hold a date without a completed contract/deposit. We get so many requests it’s simply not fair to clients who are ready to book on the spot! Thank you for your understanding! Although our booked dates are firm, we occasionally have cancellations / date changes. Even if your date is listed below, feel free to contact us in case it does become available. We are also happy to provide referrals to other photographers.

our booked dates for 2018:
Heather: January 20th / February 3rd, 17th / March 10th, 28th / April 21st / May 4th, 14th, 20th, 25th, 26th / June 2nd, June 8th, 9th, 16th, 22nd, 23rd / July 1st, 6th, 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th / August 4th, 11th, 25th, 26th / Sept 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th / Oct 13th, 14th, 27th / Nov 3rd, Nov 10-11th (Xmas minis), 17th

Niki: January 19th (Mexico) / May 19-21st (away) / June 2nd, 9th, 16th, 22nd, 23rd, 29th-1st (away) / July 1st, 7th, 14th, 28th / August 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th, 26th / Sept 1st, 15th, 29th (her own wedding!!!) / Nov 10th / Dec 31st

Lindsay: April 23rd-27th (Jamaica) / July 28th / August 24th / Sept 1st, 29th / Nov 10th

Our booked dates for 2019:
Heather: April 20th, 27th / May 4th, 11th, 25th / June 1st / July 6th, 20th, 27th / August 10th
tentatively booked: Feb 9th

Niki: Jan 20th (Vegas) / June 29th / July 6th, 20th, 27th

Our booked dates for 2020:
Heather: September 18th (Fri)

*** Please ask about our discount for Lambton Shores {Forest / Ipperwash / Port Franks / Grand Bend and area} on select dates and long weekends ***

*** "Tentatively booked" means we have a verbal agreement with a client that they would like to book the date, but have not received a contract/deposit with them yet so the date is still technically open ***

A wedding album is an heirloom; an investment you can pass on for generations that make you and your wedding day a part of history. With a beautiful custom album, your photos are kept in pristine condition and are protected with your choice of a photo, leather or linen hardcover. Thick, quality pages with the choice of a matte or glossy finish allow your images to stand the test of time.

Wedding albums don't only document your wedding day, they are a gift you can pass down to your children and grandchildren. Our stunning albums will make sure that your memories aren't just clicked through on a computer screen!

LINEN ART BOOK Available add ons: embossing, photo strip or dust jacket

ORIGINAL ART BOOK Available with photo wrap, full leather/linen cover, 1/4 or 3/4 leather or linen binding.

PHOTO ART BOOK Thick glossy pages, available with photo wrap, full leather/linen cover, 1/4 or 3/4 leather or linen binding.

PANORAMIC ART BOOK Available with thin matte, thick gloss or thin w/ photo finish pages

Wedding Rates for the 2018 & 2019 Wedding Season

HRM Photography's wedding packages start at $1995 and are fully customizable to suit your needs! 

We have limited 2018 dates left and have started taking bookings for 2019! Please contact us to arrange a consultation. OUR FULL PRICE LIST IS AVAILABLE HERE.

For information and pricing for PORTRAITS (boudoir, maternity, newborn, family, children, etc.) visit our portrait website here.

All wedding packages include:
• Pre-wedding consultation & scheduling assistance
• Main photographer and assistant/second shooter
• Custom designed bridal album
• High resolution, ready to print files of ALL proofs on USB
• Online gallery for viewing and ordering of your wedding images for one year

Full day

(8 hours) is $3795 and includes an engagement session, custom bridal album and high resolution, ready to print files.

Half day

(5 hours) is $2995 and includes a custom bridal album OR engagement session and high resolution, ready to print files.

Please contact us for more information, we'd love to discuss the details of your big day with you!

Custom quotes are available - every wedding is a little different! We are available for travel across Ontario and beyond!

We Love Weddings!

In 2003, Heather MacEachern founded HRM Photography in London, Ontario after graduating from Ryerson University’s Photography program. In 2005, she joined forces with Lindsay Ross, a Humber College Photogaphy graduate (who photographed Heather’s own wedding) and expanded HRM Photography into the GTA. The following year, Fanshawe Photography program graduate Niki Patel became the duo’s office manager and associate photographer, and officially completed the HRM team.

What sets HRM Photography apart from others? The three "E"s!!
- Education (ALL of our main shooters & assistants have diplomas from respected photography programs!)
- Experience (We've photographed over 1000 weddings!) 
- Enthusiam (When we say we love weddings, we really, really mean it!)

Who is HRM Photography Inc.? Check out our promo video below to get to know us!


Heather, Lindsay and Niki all share a similar style to the craft and a passion for capturing unforgettable wedding day memories. Their unobstrusive & laid back approach helps create a carefree, relaxed dynamic which fosters a great relationship with their clients. This provides them with many opportunities to create stunning photographs that will bring you back to every moment of your wedding day.

Now celebrating their fifteenth year of business, HRM Photography is proud to be an award-winning member of numerous photography organizations, including the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers, Fearless Photographers and the Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada. Heather was honored to be a recipient of Business London's Top 20 under 40 in 2016. To see more of our published work click here.


* Best of London - Best Photography Studio 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
* Consumer’s Choice Award for London Ontario Photographer 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
​* London Ontario's Most Popular Photographer: Wedding Industry Experts Award 2012, 2013, 2015
​* Wedbiz Creative Talent Award 2017, 2018
* Wedbiz Outstanding Service Award 2017, 2018
* Best Wedding Photo in Canada (1st & 3rd place) 2011
* Best Wedding Photo in Canada 2nd place 2012
* Best Wedding Photo in Canada - Honorable Mention 2013
* Best Engagement Photo in Canada runner up 2013
* Best Engagement Photo in Canada finalist 2014
* Best Wedding Photo in Canada finalist 2015
* Best Engagement Photo in Canada finalist 2015
* Wedding Wire Bride's Choice Awards: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
* Top 20 Best Wedding Photographers in Canada - Professional Photographers of Canada  2012
* Three Fearless Awards (
* Six International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers Awards (
* - Voted Ontario's #1 Wedding Vendor - 2009, 2010, 2011
* 2016 Top 20 under 40 - Business London
* Two Bright Lights 2016 Platinum Circle (Top 10 Most Published Photographer out of 50,000 members)

HRM Photography is passionate about giving back to the community. In 2015 Heather co-founded Love Never Ends, a not for profit organization photographing the terminally ill and their families. Just to name a few, some of the organizations we are proud to have volunteered for and supported through chartiable donations and fundraising are: Community Living, The Children's Aid Foundation, The Children's Health Foundation, the ALS Society, the London Food Bank, Cystic Fibrosis Reseach, Sudan Canadian Medical Care, St John the Divine, Yoga Shack Gives Back, Hockey Helps the Homeless, Kilworth's Children Centre, Bethany's Hope, Bethesda House, Friends of the Orphans Canada and Women's Community House. We also support Fanshawe Photography's Co-Op program, and frequently mentor photography students through this program.

Based out of London and the GTA, and available for weddings across Southwestern Ontario, the HRM team is committed not only to delivering exceptional photographs, but to working with couples to ensure that every wedding they photograph is reflective of their brides and grooms.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Heather, Lindsay & Niki 
The HRM Photography Team

Meet Heather - Owner / Photographer

I have been drawn to photography for as long as I can remember...

When I was 13 years old, I began documenting the local music scene of London, Ontario. It was at this point that my interest in photography turned into a full blown obsession! Since then, my live music and promotional band photography has appeared in national and international press such as the Globe and Mail, Elle Magazine and the Toronto Star. My work as also been used by numerous bands and musicians for their CD artwork and promotional material.

In September, 1999 I moved to Toronto to follow my dreams of becoming a professional photographer. In April of 2003, I graduated from Ryerson University's Photography program with a BFA, honours. While at Ryerson I discovered my ability to capture the sentiment and energy of the live music experience carried over perfectly to recording the emotion and beauty of a wedding day. By the end of 2016 I will have photographed over 600 weddings!

My photojournalistic eye, artistic flair, attention to detail and unobtrusive approach are the perfect qualities that enable me to capture you looking and feeling your best on your wedding day!

Heather MacEachern

Meet Niki - Associate Photographer / Office Manager

My love for photography started when I was in high school and I quickly decided that the best way to develop my skills was to study photography through Fanshawe's three-year photography program.

My co-op placement at Fanshawe led me to HRM Photography - Heather and Lindsay instantly made me feel like a part of the team! I officially began working with HRM in 2006 as Lindsay's second shooter in Toronto and in 2009 I moved back to London to take on my role as the company's office manager and associate photographer. By the end of 2016 I will have photographed over 100 weddings as the primary shooter, and have photographed even more than that as a second shooter!

There are so many things I love about wedding photography, but most of all I feel that capturing the full story of a couple's big day is so important. Wedding photographs allow a couple and their families to cherish and relive their wedding day forever.

Like the rest of the HRM team, my love for photography keeps me passionate, and my laidback approach ensures that we capture real images while still having fun.

I'm so excited to be a part of your day, and even more excited to help you remember it forever!

Niki Patel

Meet Lindsay - Associate Photographer

The moment I discovered my passion for photography, there was nothing else in the world that I wanted to do. I see the world clearly through the lens of a camera. It was a natural decision for me to study photography in college and in April 2004, I graduated from the Creative Photography program at Humber College. While at Humber, I began assisting various Toronto wedding photographers - Heather being one of them. We both realized quickly that we share a similar style, passion and approach when it comes to photographing weddings.

I love to capture the true emotion and beauty of people as they celebrate the special moments in life. I feel that photographing a wedding is such a wonderful experience, as you are helping people preserve memories that they will cherish forever. By the end of 2016 I will have photographed over 350 weddings!

My fresh personality and friendly, unobtrusive approach will make you and your guests feel at ease and ensure fantastic photos of your wedding day!

Lindsay Ross

Meet Jordan - Office Assistant / Second Shooter

My love for photography started when I was very young. I burned through disposable cameras faster than my mom could buy them for me! After I received my first digital camera when I was 10, that was really when my passion and borderline addiction started. When I discovered that I could make a career out of taking photographs, I knew that was the path I needed to follow for my post-secondary education. I attended the Ontario College of Art and Design University in Toronto and received my Bachelors of Fine Art Degree in photography. I was so thrilled to be hired by HRM Photography as their office assistant / second shooter shortly after I graduated! 

I love everything about weddings; from the beautiful details and outfits to the emotional reactions and moments. Being able to capture the most intimate interactions throughout a couple’s big day is a huge honor! Having a fine art education provides me with a unique approach to my photography, but like my amazing teammates at HRM, being able to keep everyone smiling and laidback is also one of my top priorities! 


Meet Anne-Renée - Editor / Assistant

I received my first entry level DSLR as a gift when I graduated high school. After a couple years of amateur shooting I fell in love with phography and decided I wanted to pursue it as a career option but knew I still had lots to learn. During my second year at Fanshawe's Photography program, I was required to find a field placement. I knew where I wanted to land and wasted no time in emailing HRM. Heather agreed to meet with me and after our interview she took me in as a field placement student.  Once I finished my placement hours and graduated from the program I was offered a position here editing in the office.Three years later I am still overjoyed to be working for a team that I love and get to learn from every single day!

My main job at HRM Photography is editing all the portrait sessions of the beautiful families and babies that the team photographs. You'll also see me as a second shooter at weddings!

- Anne Renée

Meet Jen - Second Shooter / Assistant

I am a graduate from the Fanshawe College Photography program. My career has centered around photography first working as a photo lab technician as a teen, then a photo editor and now as an assistant shooter for HRM, with a brief period as a jail guard in between(experience like this comes in handy when dealing with those difficult to pose). My mission in life is to get every parent to stop worrying about what they look like and get in the picture. I'm proud to have been part of the HRM Photography team since 2011.

- Jen

Meet Mariam - Second Shooter / Assistant

I've always had a love for photography, whether it was in the photography club in high school or taking photos for family and friends throughout university. After my own wedding, I decided to follow my passions and enroledl in the photography program at Fanshawe College to be on the other side of the lens. When I interned with HRM, I quickly learned that it wasn't just about snapping photos, it was about capturing the emotions of a special day. Upon graduating, I was thrilled to join the vibrant and lively HRM team and love being a second shooter at many weddings with the team!

- Mariam


Meet Becky - Assistant / Second Shooter

Years ago I stole my first camera from my husband and quickly realized that 1) he's forgiving, and 2) I love photography! That was the beginning of my love affair with photography. There's nothing more exciting than providing a captured moment to a parent where their child makes 'that face', when a groom sees his bride for the first time on their wedding day, or even when a person finally sees their own beauty the way the rest of the world sees it. I am incredibly proud to be working with HRM to capture and celebrate these moments, and cannot wait to meet you on your big day!

- Becky

Meet Melissa - Media and Marketing Manager

Hi! I'm Melissa and I love absolutely everything about love, whether it’s falling in love (swoon!), getting married, having babies (oh, how I love babies!), or celebrating family.  And, because of this love for love, I love working with photographers who so beautifully capture all of these wonderful and magical life-moments! My educational background is quite ecclectic, with a degree in music from Western and a diploma in travel & tourism from Fanshawe. When it comes down to it, I truly love anything to do with fun events and celebrations! 

HRM Photography captured my own wedding in 2008 and when they asked me to join the team as their media and marketing manager, I knew it was the perfect fit for me! 

- Melissa

Meet Kate - Second Shooter / Photo Booth Attendant 

Kate is a Fanshawe Photography Studies graduate.... bio coming soon...

- Kate


Meet Iris - Photographer in Training

headshotHi, I'm Iris and I'm 7 years old. When I grow up I want to be a photographer and teacher. I love helping my Mom and Niki out in the studio and am really good at making babies smile. 

- Iris